Sadly it has been very quiet around the site for the last three years. 

When I first came to Kamloops my ambition was to do everything: disciple, husband, father, lead pastor, and so forth, but it seems my ambition far exceeded my capacity. 

But to be fair, no one saw a global pandemic coming, did they? I've been on the struggle bus the last eighteen months trying to sort out which way was up and how to lead a community through the challenge of COVID-19. 

So here is the big announcement: after three years of leadership, growth, and learning how to be a Lead Pastor, I am excited to return to writing.

My goals are going to be small and achievable (throughout this past season, I am learning to be kind to myself). So I'll start by writing a post a week or so on subjects that interest me: theology, culture, leadership, books, family, or whatever else seems to be on my mind that week. 

I haven't been writing because I don't consider myself a writer. Some of my best friends are published authors and are fantastic writers. To put it mildly, I feel a bit intimidated. 

Tim, a friend of mine, recently talked about identity in a sermon. He said that in the same way Paul saw himself as a servant, we also need to identify ourselves as a servant. He mentioned that cognitive experts advise that attaching to yourself certain titles (writer, servant, athlete) reinforces that in your mind.

So, let me try this: 

Hi, my name is Chris Throness and I am a writer. Welcome to my website. 

I may not be a great one, but I am committed to getting better. 

So check back here as you wish. 

I don't have an email list so you won't get an email with new posts. Heck, I don't even have a Facebook account to spam your feed with anymore. 

So for those faithful few, thanks for checking back. 

I hope I can add some value to your already busy life. 


Chris Throness

Chris Throness


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